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Explorer script

Current version: 028




I would like to thank Sherpya for his XPE Plugin for BartPE.
And also Paraglider, who wrote the internal files responsable for shutdown/restart.


  • Version 028
    • Removed the options for creating shortcuts to explorer.exe. If you want to start Explorer, you will have to double-click "My Computer" or select it from the start menu.

  • Version 027
    • Cleaned up the script: deleted some lines commented by psc a long time ago and removed some old lines that were used for wallpaper
    • Incorporated Nuno's modifications in the main registry section AGAIN (the script runs faster as it doesn't have to load the setupreg.hiv file twice
    • Modified the text for the "Don't set explorer as shell" checkbox
    • Modified Windows Picture and Fax Viewer initialization to be in RunOnceEx section 500\202 (wich is unused as far as I know, and I hope nobody uses it in the future)

  • Version 026
    • HUGE version gap (I really don't know how my script got to version 26)
    • Seems like an older version of the script was edited (again)
    • [Verify] section was added to allow the Verify script to verify it
    • A new shortcut mechanism was added with support for my older shortcut script. It is included in the explorer script so you don't need to download it.
    • On Win2003, ALL the WinSxS files are extracted
    • Windows Picture and Fax Viewer initialization (regsvr32 /s shimgvw.dll) was moved from the Autorun script to RunOnceEx (don't know why). Whoever moved it made a mistake putting it in 500\200, right on top of the autorun script (wich is also in 500\200), so the Autorun script overwrited it making it unusable (the regsvr32 /s shimgvw.dll was NOT run)
    • Nuno's modifications wich were incorporated in the main registry section of the script (causing it to run faster) were moved back. An older version of the script was probably used as a base (probably 17 or 18)
    • Some lines wich were used for wallpaper support appeared again after they were erased in version 19 (again, thanks to an older version of the script being used as base).

  • Version 019
    • Windows Picture and Fax viewer works again (WinSxS files were missing)
    • Deleted some registry entries that are now taken over by psc's scripts (user profiles)
    • Removed wallpaper. It's available in a separate script
    • Incorporated Nuno's modifications in the main registry section of the script (it runs faster)

  • Version 017 and 018
    • Version gap (can't remember what's been modified)
    • Some of the modifications in version 19 may have happened in these 2 versions

  • Version 016
    • Uses the new BuildModel script to create shortcut
    • Start>Search now works
    • System properties now work

  • Version 015
    • Someone modified and OLD (013) script to work with new Autoruns script (no shortcuts)
    • I have modified it so that it works with new Autoruns script AND has the shortcuts Edborg suggested

  • Version 014
    • Added more shortcut options for Explorer (Desktop, Start Menu, and Quick Launch). Thanx edborg for suggesting it.

  • Version 013
    • Fixed bug caused when using the desktop shortcut. A message box appeared asking you if you would like to make IE you default web browser.

  • Version 012
    • Changed the "WARNING" text, since now File Based Write Filter can be used instead of RAMDisk
    • Added an option to create a desktop shortcut to Windows Explorer

  • Version 011
    • shdocvw.dll's icons are no longer UPXed

  • Version 010
    • Windows picture and fax viewer doesn't get UPXed anymore, thus it works and it gets associated with images
    • The script doesn't UPX anything anymore, except explorer.exe (wich isn't UPXed by AutoUPX)

  • Version 009
    • Doesn't complain about missing file homepage.inf on WinXP

  • Version 008
    • Now supports QuickLaunch!
    • Now includes Windows Picture and Fax viewer
    • Uses the AutoUPX script

  • Version 007
    • Modified updates path
    • Modified script so that it uses the Autoruns script
    • Mouse wheel now works

  • Version 006
    • Updates now work!
    • Included reg.exe (forgot to include it in versions 004 and 005)

  • Version 005
    • Start menu shortcuts now work

  • Version 004
    • Fixed an issue regarding the file xpsp2res.dll
    • Added custom wallpaper support
    • Removed some unneeded icons from the Control Panel
    • Moved UPX from [process-upx] to [process]

  • Version 003
    • Made shutdown/restart work thanx to some files ripped from PEBuilder (thanks Paraglider)

  • Version 002
    • Added UPX support, this reduced source from ~8MB to ~3MB

  • Version 001
    • Initial release